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Removal Costs

If you are moving, you are probably wondering about removal costs. Removalists’ prices are complex and depend on numerous factors. To make the most of your removal company, you should have an idea about their costs. In this overview, you will find their prices along with price determinants.

Pricing of removal companies

The removal costs can vary greatly depending on your moving situation.

As such, there are many factors that determine costs:

  • The volume of belongings that you would like to move
  • The distance between your moving addresses
  • Ease of access to your properties
  • Time and moving season
  • Additional services provided by the removalist
  • Items that require special care and protection
  • Handling of large or fragile items
  • Requiring special equipment or methods

How much do all-inclusive removals cost?

The price of an all-inclusive move in Australia is estimated at $1680.

This is the average removal costs for a 3-bedroom house. This includes packing services for $250 and assistance with disassembly for $125. For a smaller 1- or 2-bedroom house or flat, the cost will be around $1,295. The actual price will change according to the factors that affect moving costs.

Average moving prices

Number of Bedrooms
Average Fixed Rate
Average Extra Packing Costs

Removal services costs

ServicePacking Cost (Per Hour & Per Packer)
Cost Per Hour (2 Hour Minimum)
Disassembly and Reassembly– Help with assembly / disassembly of furniture
Storage– Space if you cannot move immediately
$30 per week
Cleaning– Cleaning of old and new house
$15 per hour
Parking Permit– Ability to park in front of property
– Price depends on area and trade association membership
$30 – $75
Piano Removal– Proper care and specialist equipment for safe removal
– Remove and replace doors or windows for access
$120 – $480

Removal Company– Loading, transport, and unloading of your belongings
Packing– Expert packing of items and furniture
Packing Materials– Boxes, wrapping, tape, papers, and covers
Disassembly and Reassembly– Taking down furniture to prepare for packing
Storage– Use of storage facility for 1 month
Cleaning– Full house professional cleaning services
Total– 3-bedroom house removals cost

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How are removal costs calculated?

There are various factors that affect moving costs that you need to be aware of when researching about possible removal companies.

Variables include:

  • Volume: The volume of items you will move, measured in m³. This determines the size of the transport vehicle, the loading time, as well as packing supplies.
  • Accessibility: How easy it is to enter your old home and destination property. If your house is not easily accessible, a smaller vehicle or special lift might be needed.
  • Distance: The distance between your point of origin and the destination helps determine the costs of transport.
  • Time: The timing of your moving greatly affects the prices you pay. Weekends, holidays, and ends of the month are popular and expensive.
  • Services: Packing, dismantling of any furniture, temporary storage, and cleaning are additions to your bill. The type of services offered will greatly affect the cost of moving.
  • Speciality Items: This includes items that require special protection. Antique, fragile, or sentimental belongings need extra packing and wrapping materials. Additionally, items that are overweight or bulky might require special equipment to transport.

removal costs

Additional Tips and Advice

  • Have an in-person cost estimate: A reliable company needs to assess your home to provide an accurate quote. Estimates only over the phone or email are not accurate and you will pay for services that do not match your needs.
  • Ask if packing material costs are included: Communicate clearly to establish a clear rundown of the services and charges that will be billed to you. Visit our removal services page for more information.
  • Leave extra wiggle room: Unexpected problems and emergencies drive up moving costs, especially for local moves that charge by the hour. Consequently, you should prepare some buffer space in your budget.
  • Know all your expenses: Know that removals cost is just one part of the equation—you need a lot of financial resources to cover all house removals costs. In addition, it is important to know what is included in removal quotes to save money.

Find the right company for you and save money

Since removal costs are affected by numerous factors and varies depending on your needs, the best way to get an accurate idea of the price is to obtain as many quotes as possible.

Save 40% on removal costs by comparing quotes

Get up to 6 quotes

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