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Moving Van

Are you looking for a removal van? When you make a choice, one of the most important things to consider is whether the van you plan to hire is large enough to carry all your boxes and other belongings. Read more on this article to learn about the types of van and how to make the best choice.

Price of a moving van

Moving vans and companies that offer similar services have a hourly or daily prices. Most companies, however, impose a 2 hours minimum charge for the moving van and have other charges by half hour increments after the 2 hours is exceeded.

Other companies offer fixed rates, usually for larger, long-distance removals. You can always ask to your moving company about the fixed price to avoid higher costs incurred due to unexpected delays. You might also face other additional costs depending on the level of extra services you require.

Average van and helper(s) rental rate (per hour)

Type of Van
1 Man
2 Men
3 Men
4 Men
Small Van
Medium Van
Large Lorry

Self-drive moving van rental rates (daily)

Type of Van
Loading Capacity
Price Range
Small Van
5 - 13 m3
$43 - $83
Medium Van
15 - 17 m3
$85 - $108
Large Van
26 - 28 m3
$128 - $178

Searching for a quote?

If you want to know the price of a moving van, ask to moving companies around you. Fill out the quote request form and you will be connected with up to 6 removal companies in your area. Comparing various prices allows you to see the best provider for your moving situation. This request is free, takes only 1 minute, and if you do not find an estimate that satisfies your needs, you are free to decline the offers.

moving van

Who uses a moving van?

Moving vans are used both by large moving companies and smaller ones, in which 1 or more movers help with loading a van.

Although both of these companies are capable in handling removals, they differ in their capacities and level of service. If you are moving out of a 1-bedroom flat and you are looking for a cheap way to transport your belongings and furniture, hiring a company that offer one or more hands and moving van is the perfect solution for you.

For your larger moves, such as those involving a 4-bedroom home, removal companies are more suitable. Of course, smaller companies operations are able to handle large moves as well. However, the loading and transport times are usually much longer due to smaller vans and less manpower. Alternatively, you may rent a van and move all of your belongings by yourself.

From a small-scale furniture removal, to larger full house removals, vans are able to accommodate any moving project.

Types of moving vans

The most common vans used by removalists or available for rent are categorised into 4 groups by size. These standard sizes of vans can transfer anything from a full house removal to a small amount of furniture or boxes. The groups are:

Large Van

The large van is the best solution if you are moving from a big appartement. Usually, the capacity is of 26 or 28 m3, it can be used for moving a 4 room flat or a medium house, including boxes and furniture. This is a good option for a 3+ person family.

Medium Van

This type of van is the most common one used for moving. With a capacity going from 15 to 17 m3, it is ideal for the transport of several boxed items and few large pieces of furniture. It can fit the contents of a small house, including a bed, a table, and all the moving boxes.

Small Van

The small van with are usually around 10 -15 m3. The smaller size is ideal for boxes and few pieces of furniture. The larger size, instead, is suitable for multiple pieces of furniture as well as the contents of a two-person flat. There are also van with a capacity of 5 – 7 m3. Because of its relatively smaller size, these type of vans are perfect for moving a only few boxes or a piece of small furniture.

moving van

How a moving van can benefit you

Hiring a moving van has many advantages. Here are the benefits in detail:

  • A company owner knows best. The movers know how to safely load your belongings and ensure they will arrive at your destination as quickly as possible. After inspecting your possessions, the professional mover will know how everything will fit into the van.
  • Removalists will do the hard work for you. Loading and unloading your items is a tiring endeavour, something that you as a new homeowner should not have to deal with. Leave the heavy lifting to movers and you will have a pleasant moving experience.
  • Moving vans are inexpensive and fast. A moving van is a cost-effective method for handling smaller furniture articles or a 1 to 2 person flat.

With the availability of moving vans, you may be thinking it is best to rent your own vehicle and go through with the move yourself. Although it may appear at first glance to be the cheapest option, there are a number of other issues to consider. The main points are:

  • Van pickup and drop off: Depending on your location, the travel time to pick up the van can be considerably long, with the associated diesel costs. Also, if you are moving to a new city, you will have to either drive the van back to the original location or find a company that offers one-way rentals, adding to more transport costs.
  • Lengthy paperwork and large deposit: A moving van rental involves many papers as well as a deposit in case of any damage to the vehicle.
  • Difficulty driving a larger vehicle: Driving a larger van can be difficult especially on unfamiliar, busy city roads. Also, if you rent the Luton lorry, some areas require special licenses to operate.
  • Longer moving times: Conducting the move by yourself is significantly slower than having the assistance of professional movers, even with the help of friends and family. You also run the risk of injuring yourself or damaging your prized possessions due to inexperience, improper loading, and insufficient protection.

After including these points, conducting a move by yourself often costs more than hiring a man and van company. For large moves, renting a van on your own often has no real price advantage.

Moving from a larger house?

In need of a more comprehensive level of service for a large move? Then removalists, with their ability to take care of everything from packing and loading to disassembly and cleaning, are a more appropriate solution. Removal companies differ from companies that offer a van with one or more helpers in that they are better suited for large, long-distance moves such as a 3 to 4-bedroom house. Additionally, with higher capacity vans, transferring your items to your new home will only require 1 trip.

Find the best moving van price for you

A moving van is incredibly useful when transporting your valuables from A to B. With their varying sizes, vans are able to move any amount of items ranging from just a few boxes to the contents of your whole home. To reap the benefits of moving vans, the next step is to find the exact cost of hiring a van. Request free and non-binding offers from moving van service providers in your area. Compare up to 6 companies and you will quickly find the offer with the best value.

moving van

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